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SUMC Church Council meets every other month and meetings are open to anyone. There are many Committees and Councils that work within the Church Council and they give reports to the Council Secretary prior to the general meeting. The Agenda and the Minutes of the Church Council will be available the weekend prior to the general meeting.

Please remember you need to be on the Agenda with a specified time frame to bring up business during the general meeting. It is suggested that cares and concerns be addressed through the numerous chairmen of councils and committees in order to include matters in their reports.

The SUMC Council - Agenda and Minutes are listed below in PDF format.

Minutes - July 18, 2016
Agenda - September 19, 2016
Minutes - September 19, 2016
Agenda - November 7, 2016
Minutes - November 7, 2016
Agenda - December 12, 2016
Minutes - December 12, 2016
Budget - 2017
Agenda - March 27, 2017

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