A Message from Pastor Scarlett
John Wesley  – Use of Money – 3 part series

Not so long ago, a few folks from the Stewardship committee and i traveled to a Stewardship Summit hosted by the UMC. Our presenter was Rev. Dr. Jim Griffith, and it was one of the best and most informative programs I have EVER attended. EVER. In 23 years of ministry. EVER.

That being said, one of Dr. Griffith’s suggestions for inspiring generosity was to preach financial stewardship a few months BEFORE the stewardship campaign.  He reasoned that it felt less awkward, and it helped people begin to think about their relationship with God and money without the pressure of a pledge card.  It made sense to us, as did his suggestion that we consider what John Wesley had to say in his sermon entitled “The Use of Money.” It was a fine sermon on the use of money, and he updated it and preached it many times over the years.  Mr. Wesley began his consideration of the Christian use of money by saying:

“‘The love of money,’ we know, ‘is the root of all evil;’ but not the thing itself.  The fault does not lie in the money, but in them that use it. It may be used ill: and what may not?  But it may likewise be used well: it is full as applicable to the best, as to the worse uses…

It is, therefore, of the highest concern, that all who fear God, know how to employ this valuable talent; that they be instructed how it may answer these glorious ends, and in the highest degree.  And, perhaps all the instructions which are necessary for this, may be reduced to three plain rules, but the exact observance whereof we may approve ourselves faithful stewards of the ‘mammon of unrighteousness.’”

Mr. Wesley’s discourse may be distilled to: Make all you can, Save all you can, and Give all you can.

For 3 weeks starting June 10, we will consider the Christian Use of Money, and it will be holy and good.

Pastor Scarlett