Thursday night, our Security Team met to evaluate and consider. Bill Pierson, who brings years of experience and more recent online research to the table, looked around at everyone and said, “We’re doing it right.” Our security team is aligned with best practices for churches. We have goals and things we can do better, but we are doing it right. That’s good news.

                                            Security Safety Vest with Reflective Strips, One Size Fits All (1-pc, Neon Orange)

You must have noticed the guys in the yellow vests walking around on Sundays, greeting people and being a very visible presence.  They aren’t there to pick fights or make arrests, they are there to keep their eyes open to all sorts of things, and to facilitate communication and responses in the case of emergencies.  Think about a fire in one part of the building. These folks would help us evacuate and be safe. They help communicate between the parts of the building as well. So, thank you, security team, for all you do!


It is good to know we are doing something right. The next pictures are from last week’s Revolution Conference for UM Youth in Columbia, SC. Young people from all across the South Carolina Conference converged on the Township Auditorium to be inspired by music and preaching. The Christian band Bonray had the kids on their feet, praising the Lord with all their hearts, and the Rev. Sarah Heath gave voice to the reality of life’s ups and downs through the life of Joseph.  


Over 20 SUMC young people made the pilgrimage to Revolution, and in the messages and music and fellowship, their lives were impacted mightily.  Their faces reflected their growing faith, and they drew closer to Christ.

We are doing something right!

Thank you for supporting our youth, and thank you to Rick Callaway and to Rev. Jeff Sweeney for bringing messages to you while Pastor Laura and I were away.

Then, there is this.  It was cold this week, but one daffodil braved the weather and stood up and bloomed.  It was a spot of beauty and reminder of Spring when winter seems so cold and so long. For me, it was a God given word of hope.


The plastic you notice in the picture, covers the new sidewalk to the columbarium as the concrete sets! It is a beautiful gift to the church that will make it easier to access the columbarium.



Pastor Scarlett