We worry.  We even worry about worrying.  We worry about things we can change and things we cannot change.  We make ourselves sick with worry. Worry disturbs our peace.

I share with you the prayer by Arndt, in hopes that your souls may be calmed.

Ah, Lord, unto whom all hearts are open, you can govern the vessel of our souls far better than we can.  Arise, O Lord, and command the stormy wind and the troubled sea of our hearts to be still, and at peace in you, that we may look up to you undisturbed, and abide in union with you, our Lord.  Let us not be carried hither and thither by wandering thoughts, but, forgetting all else, let us see and hear you.       Johann Arndt 1555-1621 German Lutheran theologian

A recent magazine article suggested people embrace the JOMO (the joy of missing out). Too often, we overcommit ourselves and find our nerves, our hearts and our wallets stretched very thin.  We worry that we will appear antisocial or that we will miss an opportunity or conversation. What we do miss is peace and a chance to step back and be refreshed.  I know that I am a better pastor, preacher, mother, wife and daughter when I step back and miss out on some things. I pray you have the opportunity to embrace JOMO this week.


Pastor Scarlett