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I am writing this on Thursday morning before the Holy Week services begin tonight with Maundy Thursday.  I can feel the urgency in the church as Sherri is practicing the music for Sunday, Kesha and Mary are preparing the bulletins for the many services, calls are coming in about the Easter lilies, Jeanne just arrived with the elements for Holy Communion tonight, and preparations are being made for the Good Friday services. It is a wild and holy time.

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Yet while at the store for milk, bread and apples I overheard a couple walking past a display of eggs and chocolate bunnies and one asked the other: “Is Easter thisweekend?” It really put things in perspective for me. Not everyone is connected to the rhythms of church life. Not everyone is aware of Easter’s date, much less its eternal significance. Friends, we need to celebrate that Jesus is Risen indeed, and then we need to tell the world..   Jesus is risen and that is important!

Jesus did not rise from the dead to give us an excuse to hunt plastic eggs or consume chocolate bunnies, as fun and tasty as these might be. Jesus’ resurrection is triumph over death that affirms God’s sovereignty over all creation. It is a declaration of God’s power, and the revelation of God’s love. In Jesus, there is victory over sin and evil and the hope of eternal life.

In my mind, the resurrection of Jesus Christ means I no longer have to carry burdens of unforgiven guilt AND I can hope for eternal life in heaven.  In that respect, the resurrection has consequences for my life today and for all my tomorrows. That is my joy, and yours too, I hope. Let’s tell the world.


Pastor Scarlett

PS   I will be away from the office spending time with my family this week.