Some August Numbers

Under ONE Roof –   Once again, we will worship as ONE during the 11:00 worship time.

August 11 at 11:00 Traditional and Wave congregations will come together in the FLC to worship as ONE.

8:30 Traditional worship will not change, but be held as usual.

During the ONE service, we will bless the new school year and all of those, children and adults, who are involved in schools. Children and youth will be given a special tag for their backpacks to remind them of this blessing.

We will collect school supplies for Help 4 Kids and bless those as well.

We will celebrate promotion from one class to the next and recognize teachers.

At 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM, we will round out the day with a Pot Luck dinner. Please bring a side or dessert to share as we pray over a new school year.  Sign up sheets are available at church, or you may contact Ashlee Johnson at

226 served
This week at the Community Lunch, 226 people were served.  Our church provided hot dogs, chili, chips, baked beans and cake with fruit. The 226 people ate over 300 hot dogs! Thank you to everyone who participates in this ministry to the feed insecure and hungry of our community.  If you would like to be involved, please speak with Donna Huguenin.
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4 Years and $15,750 tuition
Spartanburg Methodist is one of the UM colleges in South Carolina.  I enjoyed coffee with Rev. Tim Drum of Spartanburg Methodist College this week.  He shared with me some of the goals and offerings of the college. For years, it has been a 2 year school, conferring associates degrees, but they are expanding some programs to become 4 year Bachelor’s degrees.  He also told me that the yearly tuition for SMC is $15,750, which is covered completely for those SC students who receive the LIFE scholarship.  I have a couple of brochures if anyone wants to see them, and their website is


In all of these things, it is good to remember that we have ONE Savior, who calls us from our ordinary lives to do extraordinary things. Remember the hymn:

Pastor Scarlett

*”One Bread, One Body,” words and music by John B. Foley, United Methodist Hymnal, #620.