Thank you all for the beautiful and kind ways you have shown appreciation to me and my family.  We are all enjoying the non-burning candle. It smells so good, and it’s so pretty with the succulent arrangement on top!  I am delighted to share the froyoz cards with Samantha and Zach, but I will enjoy the Barnes and Nobles card myself! There are really no words that can encompass the joy I have in serving God with you.

Thank you, and God bless you!
Pastor Scarlett

Thank you seems so inadequate to express the generous and kind ways that you have cared for me and for my family this year. I am deeply grateful for the ways that you share the journey with me. I’m out of town this week but look forward to finding just the right spot for the non-burning candle with the beautiful succulents when I get back next week. (Watch for a photo in Stay Afloat on October 20.) I’m also looking forward to enjoying some Froyoz and a good book with the gift cards. Making this journey of faith – worship, learning, and serving – with you is an amazing blessing.

Thank you and blessings,
Pastor Laura