Heart to Heart:

Jesus said that we are to go forward and make disciples.  Our Heart to Heart Ministry dedicates itself to living out Jesus’ instructions through visits to assisted living and nursing facilities, homes and hospitals.  Our group has established a great relationship with the staff and residents of Carolina Gardens.


At Carolina Gardens, Heart to Heart, maintains a small room used as a store of sorts, where residents can use their bingo money to purchase toiletries and clothes. 
The store is a huge hit with the residents and they look forward to coming.  

Our store volunteers include:  Barbara Wing, Kay Sanders, Shirley Pendergrass, Mary Jane Miller, Mary Hope Funkhouser, Rick Callaway and Bill Matthews. 


The blessings are not just the items purchased, but the relationships being built.  


Jesus said to tend his lambs.


Staff is working to find a room to use as a worship space for residents and staff to pray, have devotions, and hear God’s Word.  Other churches also minister to people at Carolina Gardens, and we are inviting them to work with us.  


In developing relationships that lead to shared faith, the Heart to Heart ministry is living Jesus’ call and giving everyone a glimpse of the Kingdom of God today.