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These blog posts are copied from Pastor Scarlett’s weekly Stay Afloat emails.

Changing Situations

A few nights ago, several folks gathered to begin dreaming and talking about the future of Jason’s House.  With Elaine Paige’s retirement at the end of Summer 2020, it is important to begin having conversations now so that the mission continues with as few...


Some August Numbers Under ONE Roof -   Once again, we will worship as ONE during the 11:00 worship time. August 11 at 11:00 Traditional and Wave congregations will come together in the FLC to worship as ONE. 8:30 Traditional worship will not change, but be held as...


Airplanes and roller coasters make me anxious.  I can feel my heart thump faster and louder, my muscles tense and my breath becomes shallow.  It took me a while to figure out that both of those feed my fear of heights with a large dose of knowing I am not in control. ...

Love Lifted Me

A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR Sometimes when I walk on the beach, the old hymn “Love Lifted Me” comes to mind. The memory of Daddy, who couldn’t carry a tune in a 5-gallon bucket, rushes into my mind.  Then these words get stuck in my head: I was sinking deep in sin far from...

Grow towards the people we’re meant to be

USA today shared a survey that asked how Americans rate their BBQ skills. 50% said excellent. 41% rated themselves as good, 6% said hit or miss and 3% said not great. Almost everyone I know who lights a grill insists that their special technique or recipe makes...

Are we enough?

I met my neighbor over the garbage cans this morning.   We had pulled our respective cans to the end of our driveways and we stopped to catch up on our families, churches and the world.  We talked about helping “the least of these,” and how people might be helped in...

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