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These blog posts are copied from Pastor Scarlett’s weekly Stay Afloat emails.

Many hands

“Many hands make light work.”  I seem to remember that as being a favorite refrain of Ma Ingalls in the Little House books. I loved reading the whole series of books, but I was grown up before I really appreciated Ma Ingalls’ wisdom.  Many people working together can...

With gratitude, humility and love

I’m writing after a week of trying to process all the events of the previous week and as we approach Father’s day.  What is clear is that Surfside UMC has loved and cared for my family and for me like family through the journey to ordination and Sarah’s wedding. Many...

A dream and a hope

Peace be with you. And also with you. Those words comprise a blessing, a dream and a hope that was shared over and over at Annual Conference this year.  As my friend, the Rev. James Grubb stated, “There’s lots of sides of lots of things for people to be on, but I want...

Tend His lambs

Jesus said that we are to go forward and make disciples.  Our Heart to Heart Ministry has dedicated itself to living out Jesus’ instructions by visits in assisted living and nursing facilities, homes and hospitals.  For the past several months, with prayerful...

The impact of service

At the men's Grow Group Bible study on Thursday morning, the discussion centered on the parables of Jesus, especially the parable of the mustard seed. We thought of how our faithful acts may seem small, but have the potential to grow. We shared childhood lessons that...

Dogs, Hogs and Frogs

Today is Confirmation Sunday!  Our young people have learned and prayed toward this day, and we celebrate this important part of their lives with Christ. Simply put, this is the day that they accept the vows made on their behalf at baptism for themselves. They declare...

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