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These blog posts are copied from Pastor Scarlett’s weekly Stay Afloat emails.


We worry.  We even worry about worrying.  We worry about things we can change and things we cannot change.  We make ourselves sick with worry. Worry disturbs our peace. I share with you the prayer by Arndt, in hopes that your souls may be calmed. Ah,...

We’re in God’s hands

 A Note from the Pastor   During the season of Lent, all 3 services, various classes and some groups are using Uncertain Times  by Rev. Magrey Da Vega to guide discussions and as a framework for considering those things that disturb the peace Christ promised us....

Clean out your “cupboard”

I look at the can and I think about all of the things in our lives that just hang on, like the habits and attitudes that we hang onto, even when we know they are bad for us. Lent is the time to examine what needs to be eliminated from our lives.


      March 6, 2019   In dark smudgy crosses on our brow, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. We feel the dark crosses that proclaim our mortality and our sinfulness. We do not have to say, “I am a sinner,” the whole world can see it etched upon us. The...

Trust in God

On Thursday night, our District Superintendent shared the following with clergy in our weekly email.  It was helpful to me, and I hope it will be for you: Tomorrow morning Meri Lyn and I leave for St. Louis and the special General Conference.  As with most important...

How we should love

I am writing this on the morning of Valentine’s Day.  On the early morning news programs, there are reports about the number of bouquets and how much chocolate will be sold today.   Later today, I will participate as a couple celebrates their anniversary with a...

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